Nova village is well connected by the local roads with nearby towns of Vela Luka, Blato and other island of Korcula places. Vela Luka activities varies from all sort of sport, cultural and gastro offers, as well as the other interesting tourist attractions.

Vela Luka
The restaurants In Vela Luka are the closest one, as well as the pizzerias, shops and fish markets. You will also find the boat rental services, sailing school, scuba diving, boat excursions and other offers, because Vela luka has a few outstanding locations to spend a day, like the island of Proizd, known for one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. For sightseeing activities, do not miss to climb to the fortress of Hum because the views are amazing, and the archeological site Vela spila, located on the opposite side of Hum, will surely be an interesting spot to visit due to the growing interest of the worldwide archeological teams in the finds in that cave. For the cultural events, please refer to the Vela luka tourist board for the list of the upcoming events.

In Blato you will also find restaurants, pizzerias, shops and fish markets. Apart from the beautiful historical center and the alley of linden trees – the second largest alley of linden trees in Europe (first one is Unter den Linden in Berlin) Blato has a few bays which are very popular summer destinations, with boat rental offers, scuba diving offers, various restaurants and sport activities. You will also find bicycle trails, walking routes with interesting historical spots. Blato also has a lot of cultural events – check the Blato tourist board for more information.

The town of Korčula is perhaps the most known location on the island of Korčula. The rich list of summer events, the house of Marco Polo, the historical town center, the outstanding and various types of beaches close to Korčula are the unforgettable attractions to explore and enjoy during the tours around the island of Korčula.